Bicycling with your Dog

Large and small, young and old: there is a suitable opportunity for every dog to take part in a bicycle tour.

Collar or harness?

What is more suitable for your dog or puppy? We look at the pros and cons.

Dental Care to Prevent Bad Breath

Denta Fun chewing items provide healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Have a good trip!

Off on holiday. If the dog is travelling with you, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Males in hot pursuit. Heat!

Twice a year, unneutered bitches come into heat. A hot time for bitches, their owners and unneutered males.

Muzzles – a necessary evil or helpful support?

We present you with four different muzzle types.

Nice and clean with dog shampoo!

When should it be used and why?

No Chance for Parasites

Ticks, fleas or other parasites. How you can protect yourself and your pet from annoying pests.

Paw protection in winter weather

Because more and more paths are being gritted, you should check your four-legged friend's paws daily.

Strategy Game for Pros

For the game Memory Trainer, feed dispenser and trigger can be spaced apart.

The Right Toys for Puppies!

With which toys do the Puppies grow up best and what helps during the time when their teeth change?

The right use for Dog Boxes

On tour or at home – dog boxes are not only a safe means of transport but also a place of retreat.