Traveling with the dog

A trip to the beach, a weekend getaway or a vacation trip - anyone traveling with their dog should consider a number of things. From safety and food to official regulations on public transport or abroad - travel preparations should be made just as carefully as they are for the owners.

Traveling in the car
In Germany, it is a legal requirement to secure your pet while traveling. This is usually done with a car harness, which is attached to the seat belt, or in a transport box or cage. Especially for longer trips, it is important to get the pet used to the new situation beforehand.

Dogs tolerate high temperatures much worse than humans. To prevent heat stroke, longer car journeys should be made in the cool morning or evening hours if possible. It is important to keep a close eye on the animal and take breaks to cool down. Dogs waiting alone in the car are particularly at risk. Therefore, it is essential to park the car in the shade and always open several windows for ventilation. The windows can be adequately secured with appropriate fresh air grilles.

The Car Cooler is simply hooked into the trunk lid and is adjustable in length. It is good to use in combination with the fresh air grilles, as this creates greater air circulation in the car.

Nevertheless, the following applies: In summer, you should not leave your dog alone in the car for more than 15 minutes!

Train travel
With Deutsche Bahn, small dogs (up to the size of a house cat) travel free of charge as hand luggage in a suitable container. Larger dogs require not only a leash and muzzle but also a valid ticket.

The dog on the plane
Whether the dog is allowed to sit with the owner in the cabin or travel in the cargo hold must be agreed with the respective airline. The weight limits for this are different. However, a suitable transport container with good ventilation and a waterproof floor is necessary in any case. Here, too, different guidelines apply depending on the airline. Our airline transport boxes are generally accepted by all airlines. The box should be purchased in good time so that the dog has enough time to get used to it.

Travel equipment dog
Water is particularly important for the dog, and it should be within reach at all times. Special swobby bowls are suitable for car travel - no water spills over. Various travel drinking bottles with bowls are also very suitable.

To spare the animal the additional stress of a change of food, it makes sense to take the usual food with you, e.g. in a travel set or food bag. In addition, there are various travel bowls.

At the vacation destination dogs are happy about their favorite (travel) blanket or their own retreat.

If the dog is lost
Especially when animals are not in their usual environment, it is important to mark them. The safest and clearest identification is a microchip. So that the animal can be assigned to its owner, pet owners should register their dogs and cats in Germany with the German Pet Register and/or TASSO. These registrations are free of charge. If the dog has not already been chipped at the breeder or shelter, it can be done by your family veterinarian.

However, the dog will come back to you much faster if your phone number is attached to the collar. In addition to the old familiar leather hearts and address sleeves, there are also collar pouches, phosphorescent/glow-in-the-dark safety address tags, and the new iconic jewelry address tags. Important: When on vacation, provide your cell phone number and, if applicable, the hotel's phone number so that the finder can reach you on site!

In order not to attract unpleasant attention at the vacation destination, it should be a matter of course for every dog owner to dispose of his dog's excrement. In the meantime, there are various bag dispensers that allow you to always carry a supply of feces bags with you.