Aqua Toy MOT®-Fun

Item no.: 3236

Product information

  • natural rubber
  • motivational toy
  • for fast and active games
  • knob at end of rope for secure and painless hold even if pulled with strong force
  • for throwing and tug-of-war games
  • developed by Prof. Ekard Lind

Aqua Toy MOT®-Fun provides water action

Does your dog love water and action? Then she will get all the fun she needs with the Aqua Toy MOT®-Fun. The motivational toy made of natural rubber is primarily designed for fast and agile play and provides a lot of fun and variety in cool water. Your four-legged friend can really let off steam, as the dog game is mainly suitable for throwing and tugging games. A knob at both ends of the band ensures that you can hold the water toy safely and without pain, even if your pet should show ana even stronger effort.

The Austrian dog trainer Ekard Lind developed the Aqua Toy. You can find many tips and tricks on the subject of dog training and education on his homepage at