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Our Values

With the help of our employees we have become the company we are today.
The following values are essential to the philosophy of our company:

We are a team,

because we know that we can only succeed together. We support and respect each other and deal with one another openly and honestly. Every one of us has the right to speak and to be heard.  
We entrust our employees with competence and responsibility as well as the chance to bring in their own ideas so that they can be actively involved in our business goals.

We are product- and cost-oriented,

as we strive for an optimal price-performance ratio, focussing on the value of our products along with the constant development of our assortment. We are intesively reviewing our product quality, react generously in case of complaints and are continuously working on solutions.

We put great value on health and family issues,

because we realize that our employees' well-being, health and satisfaction are our greatest asset. We offer flexible working times, team training and health promoting activities, and support our employees in taking part in sports events.

We are authentic,

because we act according to our values and enjoy what we are doing. By committing ourselves, we want to achieve optimal results for our customers, our suppliers, our company and for ourselves. We are ready to outdo ourselves occasionally, because our hearts and minds are in our business.

We are TRIXIE.