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Our Management Team

"To be human" plays a prominent role in our philosophy.  Therefore everyone at TRIXIE is on first name terms. Encounters take place at eye level with the willingness to deal openly and fairly with each other. Respect and trust form the pivotal pillar of our leadership culture.    

Our senior management of 20 act as coaches for their teams. They ensure structured procedures, they inform and mediate, support planning and decisions, as well as work together with their colleagues on processes and optimisation.

In the yearly personal development meetings between employees and management, the past year is considered in review and the prospects for the year ahead are examined, evaluated and determined. We also do the reverse: our employees evaluate our management based on a fixed profile of competencies – on a voluntary and anonymous basis. This gives everybody the chance to achieve individual personal development.     

Our management undergo professional coaching. Managing stress, communications, conflict and change are a few of the topics dealt with. This does not mean that our management excel in all these techniques. However, they learn to deal with various patterns of reactions and behaviour in order to be able to react appropriately and support their employees adequately.      

Here we present our senior management of the various teams and departments. Learn more by clicking on the photos.