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TRIXIE Staff Development

How does staff development work at TRIXIE? 

In September 2017 we started our new staff development programme “Training and Development in the TRIXIE Team” (FITT).

FITT offers committed and motivated employees the option to receive further training and gain further personal development in a time frame of two years. By handing in a written application, which will then undergo a selection procedure, interested employees can qualify for the programme.

What can the participants expect?

An interesting mix of tailored seminars for personal and professional development as well as internal project work: in the trainings that have been specifically tailored for TRIXIE, the participants are trained in valuable competencies and skills and are given insights into exciting topics such as personal development. An external coach supports the participants are supported in this. In addition, they receive the chance to take over responsibility in important projects and discover their potentials. At the end of the programme, there will be a written transfer exercise on selected seminar contents. 

What is the aim?

Support and promotion for the participants and a future assignment of responsibility. Equally, an increase in employer attractiveness and staff retention.      
We invest in the development and promotion of our employees in a sustainable and tailored way.

Only highly qualified staff can help us stay competitive in the future!