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TRIXIE Promotion of High Potentials

How does promoting young talents work at TRIXIE? 

In the summer of 2014, the TRIXIE support programme for high potentials (TFFN) started for the first time. Committed employees can develop their potential by targeting four competency areas. This gives them the best possible support in their career planning.

Interested staff can qualify for the programme by handing in a written application that is then followed by a structured analysis of their potential. After the selection process, a number of ten applicants at maximum are admitted to the programme.

What can the participants expect?

During the three-year programme, the participants are trained in seminars on various topics, take part in internal and external events and receive extensive background information that exceeds the usual extent. During the support programme, they actively participate in projects and take part in informative and management meetings. 

Between the blocks of seminars, the participants receive interim feedback on their personal development. After about two years, a final test covering the contents of the seminars takes place.

In addition to that, a network of high potentials is set up together with other regional businesses, and cross-company visits take place. 

What is the aim?

The aim of the support programme is to raise the participants' awareness of business structures, increase employer attractiveness and staff retention as well as promote the participants individually and delegate responsibility to them. 

Only qualified staff can help us continue to stay competitive in the future!