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Crazy Guys: Wiwaldi & Co
Wiwaldi & Co captivate everyone's attention with their wit, sarcasm and quick repartees. Each character is unique – in the same way as your dog! Check out which crazy guy is best for you:

Crazy Guys: Wiwaldi & Co

They are cheeky, loud and funny – Wiwaldi and his friends, well-known from the German TV cult series "Zimmer frei!"(Vacancies!) that hosted the first German late-night puppet show "The Wiwaldi Show". The funky ensemble is the German answer to the Muppets. The characters represent the different types of humour – puns, wit, slapstick or quite subtle comedy – the puppet ensemble mirrors all facets of human strengths and weaknesses.

As of now, we offer six of the crazy guys as dog toys with squeakers:


The harmony-seeking canine leader Wiwaldi wrecks havoc unintentionally and always strives to keep track of things. He cannot deny certain typical basic dog characteristics. However, he was expelled from dog school early on and has never learned to bark.

The Old Circus Horse  

The Circus Horse with his consistently positive attitude may seem overbold and irreverent – but he does not mean it. Typical for him are his plumes and his gold jewellery, his large yellow teeth and his loud whinnying laugh. 

Charming Trudy

A shy little personality who every day hopes and dreams to become big, brave and successful  – our Charming Trudy. Even if luck is within her reach – she manages to spoil things at the last minute.

Pit Bull Purzel

Pit Bull Purzel does not only look extremely aggressive and dangerous, he gets his teeth into everything. He loves spending his time in front of the TV (no matter if it is turned on or off) and listens to heavy metal music to relax.

Mr. Cockroach

Cynical, mean and smart aleck with a penchant for petty crime – that is Mr. Cockroach. He is married (according to him) and has several hundreds of children (that he knows of).

Whiny Cloth

Bad, worse, Whiny Cloth! Mishaps and blunders are exactly its thing. It lives in a mop bucket and loves reading guidebooks.

Who is behind it all? 

Martin Reinl, born in 1975, designs, creates and masters the Wiwaldi puppets. After studying "Communication Design" and "Audiovisual Media", he started to work with puppets in cabarets and various TV productions and founded his own company bigSmile Entertainment GmbH in 2007. With his company, he developed and produced various successful formats for children and adults. 

As puppet master and author, he also worked for the legendary "Sesame Street" and took over the character Elmo exclusively for Germany in 2012. As dubbing artist, he gave his voice to the cartoon version of "Mr. Bean" and other productions. 

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