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Finding Dory: Do watch her at the cinema – but please do not put her in your aquarium!
The sequel of the animation classic "Finding Nemo" is coming to the cinemas: "Finding Dory" Animal welfare campaigners fear a blue tang boom.

Regal Blue Tang Fish are not suitable for your aquarium at home!

She speaks Whale, is blue and terribly forgetful – Dory. The wonderfully funny regal blue tang from the successful animation classic "Finding Nemo" now comes to the cinemas in a sequel: "Finding Dory".   

However, animal welfare campaigners fear that the demand for blue tang fish will rise considerably in the same way as it did 13 years ago with the clownfish Nemo. This can have dire consequences for coral reef fish.

Home of the blue tropical fish is the Pacific Ocean. They can only be kept in saltwater aquariums that are not only much more expensive than fresh water aquariums but also require a very high level of monitoring and control. Nothing for beginners!  

As almost 90% of all saltwater fish, "Dories" are not available from breeding programmes. Their reproduction is highly complicated even in the ocean. This fish species is caught in the wild and then sold. To catch them, highly poisonous potassium cyanide is used to essentially only stun the fish. In many cases, however, the dose used is so high that it kills many other reef inhabitants and even a complete reef. And the blue tang fish as well.

Parents should urgently get information and explain to their children why Nemo, Dory and their friends are unsuitable for the aquarium at home to ensure there is a happy end not only at the cinema.