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Hello cats – this spring will be delicious!
Do you fancy juicy chicken, a malty paste or tabs for nibbling? The TRIXIE range has three new snacks for you:

This spring will be delicious!

Attention for those who love treats – from today cat lovers can find these new snacks in pet supply shops: 

Delicious paste with anti-hairball effect

Malt’n’Cheese is a creamy malt paste flavoured with tasty cheese. When licked directly from the 100 g tube, this new TRIXIE snack is a really good reward. The malt it contains prevents swallowed hairs forming into balls in the intestinal tract while the added biotin helps to produce a shiny coat.

Absolutely pure: Chicken Tenders

The new Chicken Tenders in our PREMIO range are juicy strips of chicken breast fillets. The four individually packed snacks are made of 100 % cooked meat and keep a long time in the hygienic vacuum packaging. They are an optimal treat in between meals with agvery low fat content and no additives. In total 70 g in plastic bag.

Nibbling tabs from a box

Cheese Tabs and Salmon Tabs are two new cat treats in the TRIXIE range. Snacks are well suited for short hunting games: what rolls away can easily be caught again. With delicious salmon or tasty cheese and with no added sugar. Handily packaged in a resealable plastic box (75 g).