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TRIXIE donates € 5,000 to dog village in Greece
The next donation sum from the TRIXIE collection "By a Princess for furry Princes & Princesses" designed by H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern goes to the society Stray – Lonely Four-Legged Friends (Stray - einsame Vierbeiner e.V.)

TRIXIE donates € 5,000 to dog village in Greece 

In summer 2008, the society 'Stray – Lonely Four-Legged Friends' was founded. By now, the German team has about 50 members doing voluntary work, and a well-functioning network has been established in Greece as well.   
In the name of the society, Greek animal welfare activists provide castrations, vaccinations and operations that are needed, look after the treatment and the supply of regular, necessary medication.    

Project Furever Land – the dog village   

Due to the economic situation in Greece, the existing sad situation for animals has worsened, and emaciated, sick and injured animals can be seen everywhere.

In 2015 the society made the establishment of Furever Land possible, a "dog village" near Athens that gives protection and shelter to up to 90 dogs.

The donation sum of €5,000 from our collection designed by H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is intended for extension and repair work on the enclosures and maintenance work on the water treatment plant.  

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In the dog village: 
Together with their dogs, the two animal welfare activists Zacharoula (left) and Rozina (right) are delighted about the TRIXIE donation.