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TRIXIE donates € 4,000 to a Puppy House Project in Croatia!
The next donation sum from the TRIXIE collection "By a Princess for furry Princes & Princesses" designed by H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern goes to the Lesika Dog Aid Varaždin e.V.

TRIXIE donates € 4,000 to a Puppy House Project in Croatia!

Lesika Dog Aid Varaždin e.V. is a group of animal rights activists that support two animal shelters in Croatia from Germany.
Besides giving financial as well as material support to animal welfare locally, finding homes for dogs in Germany is an essential part of their activities. In 2016, Lesika Dog Aid found new homes for almost 200 dogs from Croatia.

The Puppy House Project    

The Asylum Spas (in English "rescue") in Varaždin is situated in the north of Croatia and houses 350 to 400 dogs. Particularly for puppies, survival is hard. Many had been abandoned and taken into the asylum with or without their mothers. A lot of puppies die.
Therefore a puppy house built in modular construction was opened this summer. On 50 sqm, dog mothers can recover and care for their young. Puppies with diseases can reliably be isolated, treated and looked after.

The donation sum of 4,000 Euros from our collection is intended to finance and maintain the life-saving puppy house.

More information: www.lesika-hundehilfe.de