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And Action!
After 14 months of construction, work has been completed at the site in Tarp – at the beginning of June 2018, our fully automated high-rack warehouse went into operation.

State-of-the-art warehouse technology at TRIXIE!      

Only an emergency light is on in the huge hall, for the system that is at work here does not need any light. You can hear the rattle of the conveyor belts that transport the pallets, directing them to the designated aisles as if by magic, and the humming of the shelf operating units that pick up the pallets at a speed of three metres per second and transport them through narrow, up to 130-metre long aisles to a free storage space.

The dimensions are really impressive -the construction of this 26-metre high and 140-metre long system expands our overall logistics space to a total of 52,600 m2, our storage capacity has now increased to 99,000 pallet spaces.

At the newly constructed goods receiving area with a size of 1,300 m2, the pallets are distributed by conveyor technology to nine aisles and sorted into and out of double-deep racks on ten levels by means of the shelf operating units.
We have chosen a high rack warehouse in silo construction where roof and facade are directly mounted on the rack. This allows an optimal use of space and the largest possible pallet slot capacity on the area available.  
The existing warehouse is connected to the new system by means of conveyor technology, which means that internal processes can also be optimized in a lasting way.       

The investment sum of the new logistics system totals 15 million Euros, and this new system is to ensure an increased goods availability as well as an expansion to new lines of business.