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Summer Fun – how dogs stay cool!
Dogs love to spend the nice summer weather outside - in the countryside, on the beach or in your garden. The TRIXIE product range offers a multitude of products that provide fun and cooling.

Summer Fun!

We have not had such a summer for a very long time! Right now, we are not the only ones really hot and sweating – pets suffer more from the heat than many of us think. The high temperatures are a problem particularly for older and chronically ill pets.
Cool, shady places and a water bowl that is always filled are basic requirements in this heat. Walks with your dog should take place early in the morning or late in the evening.      

This is really important: Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car in the summer, because it can easily be fatal.     

Our Summer Fun products cool your dog and offer lots of fun as well:

Stay Cool!

Cooling items support the regulation of the dog’s body temperature on warm days. Our cooling mats and the cooling bed Cool Dreamer, create the cooling effect by body contact. The cooling bandana and cooling vest made of absorbing PVC, however, are soaked in cold water which evaporates to cool the pet. Our cooling bone made of natural rubber that absorbs water provides an extra freshness kick. It is particularly delightful to chew if frozen – also for teething puppies!        

Water Sport with Dogs!       

Many dogs love water and cannot wait to jump into the cooling water full of energy. The TRIXIE product range offers a variety of floating toys that do not sink and that dogs can see well. Our robust Dog Discs made of thermoplastic rubber are new and suitable for even the sportiest water lovers. If you go on a boat trip, a life vest for the pet is a must.       

Bathing time in the garden!    

The TRIXIE dog pool made of scratch-proof plastic with an extra stable rim construction provides great bathing fun even at home. It is quick to set up and dismantle without air pump. It is easily emptied through an outlet valve. The matching cover protects against dirt.