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Programme for healthy trainees!
Company health management is very important for us at TRIXIE. At present, we have added a special health concept for trainees to our existing offers.

Programme for healthy trainees!     

Sitting, standing, lifting things, workplace stress – At the pet-supply company TRIXIE in Tarp, the work environment of the employees is scrutinized closely. For this, the company introduced a company health management system (BGM) already in 2014. This company health management system analysed the effects of demographic change, changes in the world of work and shifts in the boundaries of working life and private life.

To create company structures that specially promote employee health, measures in the areas of diet, exercise, relaxation, leadership and work environment were introduced. This included for example a family - friendly working time model, various courses offered in the company gym, adaptations in the work places and psychosocial counselling.

For autumn 2018, a special health programme for trainees was added to the existing offers. This programme runs alongside their job training and is divided into various modules: analysis of the work environment, exercise, relaxation, diet, team training, organization/time management and addiction.     

“With our programme, we hope to encourage our trainees to develop a higher health awareness,“ authorized health management representative  Monika Hutter explains the offer  for this special target group. “Learning early on how to find a healthy balance between their daily lives and the demands imposed on them, prepares our young colleagues in an optimal way for their working lives and their future careers.“


Various courses are on offer regularly in our company gym.   

TRIXIE trains in 8 different jobs and has a high acceptance rate.