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BE NORDIC – The next Charity Project!
With our maritime product line BE NORDIC, we support maritime protection!

BE NORDIC – The next Charity Project!

With the sales of the series BE NORDIC, TRIXIE supports maritime protection projects. In spring 2019, 100 kg of ghost nets were recovered from the Baltic Sea off the islands of Fehmarn and Rügen. In 2020, cigarette butts will be the focus of our next campaign. Few people know that the small cigarette ends contain 7,000 chemicals.

The stubs are made of plastic cellulose acetate, a substance that biodegrades very slowly due to its compactness and the acetyl molecules. Under certain conditions, e.g. direct sunlight and moisture, however, the filters can break into very small plastic parts. In that case, the chemicals bound in them are released into the environment. Roughly 250 substances are considered toxic, about 100 of these even carcinogenic. A lot of these harmful substances accumulate in the filters, in particular nicotine, arsenic and various heavy metals.            

As soon as cigarette butts come into contact with water, the nicotine in particular dissolves quickly. One butt can poison the amount of 1,000 litres of water along with the small water organisms in it, e.g. water fleas.       

To make this problem public and to actively fight it, TRIXIE is planning activities on North German beaches as well as an event with experts and speakers together with the society NaturFreunde Deutschland (Friends of Nature Germany). The aim is to create a joint platform in order to bundle ideas and measures.