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Our beach free of cigarette butts!
Ashtrays to go! In the BE NORDIC Charity Project, TRIXIE has installed information boards in cooperation with the society NaturFreunde Schleswig-Holstein (Friends of Nature Schleswig-Holstein)!

Our beach free of cigarette butts!

“We do not want to prohibit smoking, but rather want to point out that fags thrown away into the landscape present an immense risk to our environment as cigarette filters are not biodegradable”. With these words, Hans-Jörg Lüth, Regional Chairman of NaturFreunde Schleswig-Holstein, opened to the public the information board “Join in to keep our beaches fag free” at Flensburg’s beach Solitude on 24 July 2020 .     

From the sales of our series BE NORDIC, TRIXIE supports maritime projects. In 2019, we supplied 15,000 Euros for retrieving fishing nets off the German islands Fehmarn and Rügen. This year, the focus is on cigarette butts.


After a successful launch event at a conference in Kiel in March, information boards were produced, which are to be put up on North Germany’s beaches.   
The project, organized by NaturFreunde Schleswig-Holstein and financed by TRIXIE, aims to make particularly smokers aware of the fact that discarded cigarette butts pose a serious problem for our environment. The harmless looking little filters contain more than 7,000 chemical substances, 200 of which are considered to be poisonous and 50 carcinogenic. These substances dissolve quickly especially in water and endanger animals and environment.      

Flensburg’s Mayor Ms Simone Lange also supports this project and calls for a social rethinking process on how fags are disposed of.    

The eye-catching information boards not only explain the problem, they provide the solution at the same time: “beach ashtrays” made from used tin cans in which the fags can be collected and disposed of when the smokers leave the beach. The tin cans are hung back underneath the information board after use.

Photos: Kira Kutscher