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Blind Joy of Life – Mausi’s Story!
The little dachshund lady lost her eyesight quite suddenly at the age of 5 and gave many dog owners courage and hope with her character and her special story.

Blind Joy of Life – Mausi’s Story!   

Today we would like to introduce Mausi or “Little Mouse”. The little dachshund lady lost her eyesight quite suddenly at the age of 5 and gave many dog owners courage and hope with her character and her special story. Mausi passed away in July 2020 at the age of 11 ½  years during an operation. We were able to interview Mausi's owners Vanessa and Michael:

How and when did Mausi come to you?   

In 2009 we were greeted on a farm by two little black fluffy balls. The smallest and weakest of the litter had a very bumpy start in life. But she fought and won! And we took her with us - not out of pity, but because we were impressed by her will to survive

Why did Mausi go blind?

Mausi grew up and was a really lively dog. There was never any sign that something was wrong with her eyes. But in 2014, Mausi suddenly went blind in her right eye overnight.
As a result, many examinations could no longer be carried out, so we had to assume that the blindness was due to an awkward bump or something similar.  
Due to the very high intraocular pressure, which causes enormous pain, and after many talks with veterinarians, we decided to have the eye surgically removed. Fortunately, the operation went without complications and Mausi recovered very quickly. She only wanted one thing that same evening - to play ball!    
Half a year later, Mausi's left eye went blind overnight. By noon, though, Mausi could see again! Our vet realized that Mausi's tear ducts were hardly or not at all developed, which meant that the tear fluid could not drain properly. Over the next few days, Mausi continued to be blind in the morning and could see again in the evening, which was due to so-called "glaucoma attacks". On the seventh day, after another attack, she finally became completely blind and did not regain her eyesight.
As the intraocular pressure rose sharply this time as well, we again decided to have the eye removed. This operation also went smoothly.

Did you change your everyday life for Mausi?    

No, not at all. Right from the beginning, it was important for us never to feel sorry for Mausi because of her blindness or to think "there is no way she can do this" without giving her the chance to prove us wrong. And in retrospect that is exactly what we have never regretted
We continued to cycle, to climb mountains and we discovered stand-up paddling with a dog together with Mausi, which she loved just as much as we did.
What changed was that Mausi was no longer allowed to run next to a bike in traffic and in busy places.  Instead, she had her "red speedster", the TRIXIE bicycle trailer.    

How did your other dogs deal with Mausi’s blindness?    

Our dogs and those of friends and acquaintances treated Mausi like a dog that could see normally. Dogs perceive such handicaps quite differently from us humans.
It is important for owners of blind dogs to know that the facial expressions of a blind dog can be misinterpreted by dogs that can see. Blind eyes or eyes that are sewn shut, for example, can be perceived as staring. On the other hand, blind dogs cannot always perceive the warning signals of other dogs, both of which can lead to misunderstandings.

What was Mausi’s greatest passion?    

Mausi loved life. Cycling, hiking, going camping, swimming, stand-up paddling – the list is long. However, her biggest passion was playing ball games. Before she went blind, we loved to play “tennis” with Mausi. She loved to play that for hours every day. But when her right eye went blind, it could happen that she literally lost sight of the ball. So we looked for a solution and found the TRIXIE Ball with Holes and Bell.


How did this ball help Mausi in her everyday life?    

This ball was indispensable and no matter where we went, it had to be thrown or shot or just be taken along. It brought light into Mausi's darkness. When playing, it ensured that Mausi was "just a normal" dog who didn't have to do without anything because of her handicap.  
Playing with the ball not only made Mausi happy, but also many of the people around her. It made them think about their prejudices and showed them what joy of life a blind dog can have.
We were all the more desperate when we realized that we could no longer buy the ball anywhere.

What advice would you give owners of blind dogs?    

Life goes on! It will get better! You will bond with your new tasks! And, this is very important – never feel sorry for your dog! That is no help for a blind dog. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is the case.  
Apart from that, certain commands are an incredible help for blind dogs! There are always posts about this and much more on Instagram at @blinde.lebensfreude.

How did you get to have an Instagram account?     

In 2015, we uploaded photos and videos of Mausi inline skating with us to various Facebook groups for blind dogs. As a result, our inbox exploded. The thought that even with a simple photo we could help people and their dogs deal with this special situation and give them courage led us to open Mausi's Facebook page in November 2015. Then, at the end of 2017, we ventured into Instagram.
For us, giving information and support to others has always had the highest priority. Because owners of blind dogs are often advised to have their pet put down. Mausi had such pure joy of life until her last breath, giving hope to so many people and dogs. We are incredibly grateful that we could accompany this little dachshund lady through her life. Even today, after Mausi's death, we continue to try to give useful tips and a little help to owners of blind dogs!

Finally, we would like to thank the entire TRIXIE team! In particular we say thank you to Laura (our social media manager), who always has a sympathetic ear and made sure that Mausi's beloved ball was reintroduced into the product range. We can hardly put into words how much joy this ball has given Mausi.  

Thank you, Vanessa and Michael, for your very personal words and your fantastic information and advice in the social media channels. TRIXIE wishes you all the best!