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Christmas Biscuits for a Good Cause!
Our colleague Carmen bakes the most delicious Christmas biscuits! However, she does not bake them for herself, but for a great initiative that is finding more and more fans and biscuit eaters every year!

Christmas Biscuits for a Good Cause!    

When our colleague Carmen began working for TRIXIE in 2007, it became apparent very quickly – her speciality is baking. And her favourites are Christmas biscuits. Already in October, she starts to put the first baking trays with vanilla crescents, lard nuts, Dooley’s stars and winter hearts in the oven, followed by marzipan balls, snowflakes, lemon stars and round nut biscuits.

The delicacies are packed in small bags and sold in the TRIXIE canteen as well as in other companies and at Christmas markets. This initiative is special, however: Carmen donates the proceeds from these sales to the Children’s Hospice in Flensburg!     

As we find her commitment fabulous and love eating her biscuits, TRIXIE pays for the ingredients (€1,345.82) and doubles the final proceeds of the sales at TRIXIE.      

The resulting sum is really impressive: €7,202.31 will be handed over to the Children’s Hospice from this initiative!         

Thank you very much Carmen for your dedication and thank you to all those who buy and enjoy eating her biscuits!