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Water Sport
Dragon boat race or rowing regatta – we will row with all our might !

Company Rowing Regatta 2016    

We very much regret that there are no more dragon races planned for the time being. However, that will not stop us from conquering the Flensburg Fjord from the water. This year, we will take part in the 13th Company Rowing Regatta organized by the Flensburg Rowing Club on 17 September. The teams will row in fours (plus cox supplied by the Flensburg Rowing Club) in up to 3 heats from the museum harbour to the tip of the harbour. The complete proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospice in Flensburg. A fantastic alternative, and we are already looking forward to a great atmosphere, slightly stiff muscles and lots of fun.   

Dragon Boat Races

In 2004 Flensburg's young managers launched the First Flensburg Dragon Boat Race. Since then the event has been taking place annually at the last weekend of August. Businesses and clubs from the region are called on to complete for the cup with their employees, members and customers. A team consists of a maximum of 20 paddlers plus sweep and drummer. In the 12.5-metre long and 1.16-metre wide dragon boat they have to cover a distance of 250 m.

Since 2005 the TRIXIE team has been competing in this event with changing crews. Everybody can take part. Joint training sessions provide the necessary know-how, as teamwork is one of the most important success factors in dragon boat racing. So they all paddle together, in every weather, trying to stay in time.

After the event all the teams meet in a specially set up pavilion. One year we celebrated a very good 19th place out of 91 participating teams, another year a mere 24th place. Each time it is a great experience and everybody has a lot of fun.