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Finding Shelter in a Rodent Hutch
Simply convert: tunnels, hutches and tubes for small animals are suitable for tortoises as well.

Outdoor Pen and Shelter for Tortoises

In order to offer tortoises an appropriate environment, this type of reptile requires a large outdoor run where there is enough space for them to move around, in addition to a well-equipped terrarium. Experts recommend keeping tortoises inside as little as possible by providing space for them in the garden.

Products for rabbits and guinea pigs are well suited to provide a place for retreat and rest for tortoises inside as well as outside. Examples are natura small animal hutches, which are weatherproof thanks to sanded roofing paper and glazed wood, as well as Natural Living hutches made of untreated wood. 

Particularly the natura small animal hutches that can be adjoined to an outdoor run offer protection from damp and cold ground as they have good air circulation underneath. A roof that folds open and a plastic tub that can be pulled out make the hutch easy and fast to clean.

An individually pliable bridge or a shelter serve as objects for activities or protection e.g. from the sun. When choosing the shelter, care needs to be taken that the tortoise can move in and out without problems. Therefore the entrance should be considerably larger than the tortoise's carapace.

Various outdoor runs are suitable for providing a secure area where the tortoise can move around freely. When installing the enclosure, you need to keep in mind that tortoises can climb very well. That means the sides should be high enough and objects that could serve as ladders need to be positioned away from the outsides of the enclosure.

Every enclosure needs to be equipped with a bowl of fresh water.

Please never leave your pet unattended outside.