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Various Times for Sunning
Panther chameleons are able to regulate the vitamin-D3 content of their blood through their behaviour.

Instinctive Adjustment of Exposure to Sunlight with Female Panther Chameleons

In 2003, a study led by renowned biologist Prof. Dr. Gary Ferguson showed that Panther chameleons are able to vary their exposure to UV-B rays from sunlight in relation to the D3 content in their blood.

In this study, the animals were given food (crickets) with high or low vitamin D3 content for fixed periods of time.

In order to obtain this effect, the crickets were given food enriched with vitamin D3.

During the phase, when the chameleons fed on crickets with low vitamin D3 content, the reptiles sought exposure to the UV-B lamps more frequently and for longer times than during the phases when they were fed crickets with high vitamin D3 content.

This proved that this reptile species is able to adjust the vitamin D3 level in their blood through their behaviour.  The group of researchers therefore expects other reptiles to be able to do this as well. So do not be surprised if your reptile sunbathes under the UV lamp at different times and for different lengths of time.


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