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Ornamental Birds need Light
Birds need sufficient light – especially in winter. Insufficient light can be harmful for them.

How to provide sufficient light for ornamental birds in winter

The ancestors of many ornamental birds came from the southern parts of our globe. That means they are not only used to heat, but also to intense direct sunlight. Therefore we need to pay attention that our parrots, parakeets and the like get enough light so they stay healthy when living in our homes.

"The organisms of the birds need sufficient light", explains Dominik Fischer, a vet at the veterinary hospital for birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish at the university of Giessen.  "They use the sunlight to form vitamin D, for example." Insufficient light can be harmful for our feathered friends. As a general rule, a birdcage needs a place with as much light as possible.

In the dark and gloomy winter season, bird lovers can do something good for their birds by adapting the hours of light to the hours of daylight in the birds' natural habitat. "Even in winter, many ornamental birds need eight to twelve hours of bright light to stay healthy," the vet explains. Bird owners can ideally use a lamp that imitates the spectrum of natural sunlight, so that it radiates UV rays along with the visible rays of light. "Many birds can see those rays and they are relevant to many of their metabolic processes," Fischer adds.

Today there are various models and designs of special bird lamps available in pet shops. Only lamps that have been specially designed for birds should be used, as birds perceive the frequencies of light differently from us. Flickering light is completely unsuitable for them. However, the decision which lamp is the right one for the room the birds are in depends largely on the size of the room and any other light sources. Interested bird owners can find knowledgeable staff and get sound advice in pet shops.

Source: IVH (German Industrial Association for Pet Supplies)