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Which bird is right for me?
Parrot, budgerigar, cockatiel – with adequate information, we can all find the bird that is just right for us.

Looking for feathered companions?

The decision has been made: Birds are to be your new pets. But which birds? It pays to look into the matter thoroughly before the actual purchase. That way, bird lovers will find the type of bird that matches their character, their expectations and the available options.

"First of all, the suitable size of the desired bird needs to be considered," explains Rainer Niemann, biologist and author of several guidebooks for ornamental birds. "Birds not only need a sufficiently large aviary. The rooms also have to offer sufficient space for free flight." That means smaller birds such as budgerigars, canaries or Estrildid finches are more suitable for small to medium-sized flats.  

Most birds have a strong voice, they sing or call. "Particularly large parrots can be called quite noisy," the expert knows. "Among these, particularly African grey parrots and cockatiels are distinguished by their "musical talent". They love whistling and modulating all kinds of notes, occasionally quite piercingly, whereas budgerigars babble to themselves more quietly." Bird lovers who live in close proximity to their neighbours need to take into consideration how tolerant to noise these neighbours are.

An important point on this checklist is to compare the characters of owner and bird. The bird owners to-be should consider what they expect from the mutual relationship.

"Do they mainly want to watch the birds or sing together? Then small birds like Estrildid finches or canaries are the most suitable," Niemann notes. "The smaller types of birds also like using our head or shoulders as landing places." 

If in addition to that you are looking for an even closer body contact with your bird, you should look for smaller parrots and parakeets. As opposed to finches, tame parrots quite enjoy having their necks fondled for example."

The differences in the needs and characteristics of the birds show that it is useful to get information about the different types of birds before buying. "It is also advisable to have a closer look at the type of bird you intend to choose at breeders or other bird owners without actually committing yourself and taking them into your home," the biologist advises.  

Source: German Industrial Association for Pet Supplies IVH