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Video Library

Welcome to our colourful TRIXIE world.
Here we show you a small selection of our latest videos to do with our company and our products.
You want to see more? Then visit our YouTube channel.

Have fun!

Licking Fun with the Snack Snake

The TRIXIE Snack-Snake made of TPR and with sound is easy to fill with tube snacks and can even be frozen for a freshness boost. No pet household should be without the grass-green snack snake! Licking calms the dog and provides periods of rest. Your pet will be busy for a long time as the licking process is slow.

"Fun Board" - a Strategy Game for Cats

The Cat Activity Fun Board consists of a basic board with 5 different modules and demands the use of different senses. Each module poses a new task for your cat that can be solved by sniffing, feeling or looking. By placing or hiding the treats, you awaken your cat’s interest. The cat sees the reward and tries to get it by using strategy, dexterity and endurance.