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Business Partners

flexi – Bogdahn International GmbH & Co. KG

30 years ago flexi invented the retractable lead which revolutionized the entire range of dog leads. Today millions of dog owners walk their dog with a flexi retractable lead.

Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf (IVH) e. V.

The industry association Heimtierbedarf (Pet Supplies) founded in 1972 maintains and promotes the interests of the German pet-supply industry. The member companies of this association represent 90 % of the market for pet supplies. The IVH and its members rigorously engage in promoting an adequate and responsible keeping of pets in ways that are appropriate to the species.
TRIXIE has been a member of the IVH for many years.


Julius K-9 Power Harnesses were originally developed for police and military dogs, and are among the most versatile harnesses of highest quality on the market today. They are characterized by outstanding quality, functionality and fit, and are equally excellent for police dogs, search and rescue dogs, dogs in sports or any normal dog going for a walk. Last but not least, the exchangeable Velcro logo gave the Julius K-9 Power Harnesses cult status among dog owners.

Kappelner Werkstätten

The institution "Kappelner Werkstätten" which carries out various packing services, mainly employs physically and mentally handicapped people. Furthermore, it offers a range of living facilities, a youth welfare and living area, especially for severely handicapped individuals.


Enjoy the silence - with bark control systems made by PetSafe! A dog which steadily barks without any noticeable reason could become a real problem.
PetSafe offers you humane solutions, which meet the animal protection requirements. Whenever the dog starts barking, a slight stimulating impulse or a displeasing sound will be released, depending on the type of collar. It helps the dog to realise that barking at this moment is unwanted behaviour.


SureFlap Ltd. is a worldwide specialist for microchip-controlled cat flaps. All SureFlap products read and recognize the microchip implanted in your pet with an identification number that is unique worldwide, and they will only open for pets registered in their system. TRIXIE is the official distributor for the German pet supply trade.
Free service number for complaints: 0800 0124511