Our new products for the autumn!

Licking, lying, cuddling - our product range has a bit of everything on offer. Simply click through our website! 

Stay visible!

Rainy weather, fog, poor visibility - the filthy weather of autumn and winter is coming again. Protect yourself and your pet with flashing, luminous or reflecting products so that you are both clearly visible.      

Rainy weather can be so cheerful!

Our raincoat Vimy in four different colours protects your dog reliably against wind and wet conditions. With its waterproof zips, extra high collar and reflecting stripes - autumn can come!    

Hip Trend: Boho Style

The combination of oval shapes, earthy-warm colours and patterns, casual details as well as natural materials signal a real zest for life.

Our new collection "Boho Style" for dogs and cats incorporates these features and includes places to lie, cuddly caves, cat trees, leashes and collars.

Outings to the Countryside!

Camping is getting more and more popular: Many families and there dogs go to the country at weekends and enjoy a break from their everyday lives.
To make this easier and more comfortable, TRIXIE has extended the product range with suitable and convenient new items for camping.