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Katze und Hund - Freunde fürs Leben - TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf
Hund und Mensch - Freunde fürs Leben - TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf

Happy birthday TRIXIE!

50 years of love for pets, 50 years of customer-orientation, 50 years of TRIXIE:

Founded in 1974, TRIXIE has developed into Europe's market leader for pet supplies. With almost 600 employees and around 6,500 products for dogs, cats, rodents and reptiles, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. TRIXIE shines in new splendour: with a modern logo and design.

We are looking forward to develop exciting new products for you and your pet in the future!

Nesting Aid for Insects

Wild bees and wasps make use of cavities in wood or in the ground for their brood chambers. They like to use an insect hotel that is protected from rain and faces south.   

Living in Happiness!

Juicy grass, fresh air, sunshine and lots of activity - small animals love it outside. Our hutches, outdoor enclosures and small animal houses offer various options to provide your pet with outdoor activity while at the same time offering them a safe and protected shelter.      

There is still some soup left!

The delicious liquid snacks with chicken and shrimps or salmon are a good way to offer cats a sufficient amount of liqiud to drink. The gluten- and sugar-free soups contain taurine to support vision and to prevent deficiency symptoms.    

Spring colours!

What about a cuddly bed in fresh spring colours for your four - legged friend? Splendid green or bright yellow that will lift your spirits and put everyone in a good mood in the dog home.