Home Urine and Worm Tests

If you want to avoid having your pet unnecessarily treated for worms at the vet or want to detect early warning signs of certain illnesses, the Pezz worm and urine test offers you the chance to do an easy and stress-free check at home.  

Out into the Garden!

The outdoor run XL offers guinea pigs and rabbits ample space with shelter and ramp. One half of the roof is closed and protects from sunshine and rain.     

Nesting Aid for Insects

Wild bees and wasps make use of cavities in wood or in the ground for their brood chambers. They like to use an insect hotel that is protected from rain and faces south.   

Where is the little kitty?

House cats love to hide. Preferably in a shelf. Our cave with padded lying platform and scratching area that fits Ikea Kallax shelves is just right for this.      

No chance for bugs!

The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and the parasites are awakening: Fleas, ticks & co. will soon be in their peak season! Discover our products for the prevention and control of parasites now.

Round and round!

Our scratching cardboard in a wooden frame really gets your cat going as all four balls want to be moved. And claw care comes next!  

A raised place to lie!

The high-quality camping bed with sturdy metal frame and padded lying area allows dogs to have relaxed dreams even outdoors. Foldable with space-saving storage.