Rainy weather can be so cheerful!

Our raincoat Vimy in four different colours protects your dog reliably against wind and wet conditions. With its waterproof zips, extra high collar and reflecting stripes - autumn can come!    

Big cats have big plans!

Scratching post XXL Klara scores with its stable, heavy base plate and a thick post wrapped in natural sisal. Perfect for room surveillance. Available in two colours.    

More naturalness in the bird home!

Natural toys made of seaweed, straw, bamboo, coconut, rattan and sisal rope are your birdie’s favourites. The combination of different materials provides lots of varied activity options for parakeets and parrots.   

Your partner with the grey snout!

Living with an older pet is something special. However, it also means changes in the dog’s needs. We show you how to spend your pet’s senior years as healthy and carefree as possible.