Neither squirrels nor wild birds can resist: Our food sticks are made of high-quality ingredients such as various kernels, nuts, seeds and grains and can be hung or attached almost anywhere thanks to a practical holder. Well then, bon appétit!

Who is allowed in the bed?

In case there are discussions in your home whether the dog is allowed in the bedroom or even in the bed - maybe we have the ideal solution for you: Our cave Harvey with steps is perfect for use as an extra bed. Your dog is close to you, but sleeps in her own cuddly soft bed or in the comfy cave.

Give me a hug!

Do you already know our stuffed animal gang with memory effect? A bit like chewing gum, the funny little animals always return to their original shape when you chew on them. Especially popular with your four-legged friend.

Home Urine and Worm Tests

If you want to avoid having your pet unnecessarily treated for worms at the vet or want to detect early warning signs of certain illnesses, the Pezz worm and urine test offers you the chance to do an easy and stress-free check at home.  

Tasty Pit Stop!

Our feeding station is real fun for small animals! You only need to distribute vegetables, twigs, hay and feed creatively and they can start nibbling to their heart’s content. The removable toilet tub helps to get rid of the output quickly.

Our paw cleaner has long silicone nubs that reach into the spaces between your paws and remove dirt, sand and salt. It also comes with a free massage for your dirty paw. Easy to use, the paw cleaner is also practical for travelling and is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.