Give me a hug!

Do you already know our stuffed animal gang with memory effect? A bit like chewing gum, the funny little animals always return to their original shape when you chew on them. Especially popular with your four-legged friend.

Our Loki orthopaedic vital bed is not only an eye-catcher. Thanks to the viscoelastic filling with memory effect, the pillows and beds provide your dog with maximum sleeping comfort.
Loki is made from 88% recycled materials, so you're also doing something good for the environment.

Neither squirrels nor wild birds can resist: Our food sticks are made of high-quality ingredients such as various kernels, nuts, seeds and grains and can be hung or attached almost anywhere thanks to a practical holder. Well then, bon appétit!

Do you know our cuddly soft series Harvey? This is the matching play tunnel. A great place for your house cat to frolic around, hide and snuggle into. The tunnel comes with 4 entrances and toys on strings.