Summer, sun, get into the water!

Nothing is nicer than to dive into cooling water in warm temperatures. For that you need the matching floating toys. Or do you simply crave a cool place? Then our cooling mats are just right for you. If your pet needs the ultimate freshness kick on top of that, get the cooling bone from the fridge for your pet. In whatever way you want to spend the summer - with us you can find the right accessories. Happy summer!     

Living in Happiness!

Juicy grass, fresh air, sunshine and lots of activity - small animals love it outside. Our hutches, outdoor enclosures and small animal houses offer various options to provide your pet with outdoor activity while at the same time offering them a safe and protected shelter.      

Everybody wants Karl!

 Do you know Karl the eel! Well, then it is high time! He is our newest addition to the BE NORDIC family together with Starfish Jane and Seashell Stine. The plush animal is soft on the outside and has a robust rope inside. Knots included. Karl is great for games and cuddling.  By the way, the eel is on the international red list and is considered an "endangered species". Therefore we support marine projects from the sales of Karl and his friends. 

Bicycle Tour with Dog!

Exercise and variety are extremely important to keep your dog physically and mentally fit. A bicycle tour with your dog is therefore a good option to meet the needs of very lively dogs. However, small or young pets do not need to stay at home. They can come along in a bicycle basket or in a trailer – there is an option for every pet to be able to take part in the family outing. Have a good trip!

Take your Time!

Many dogs gulp down their food instead of chewing it. That can lead to health problems such as e.g. flatulence and cramps, hyperacidity of the stomach and bad dental health and it can even increase the danger of gastric torsion.    
The creatively and excitingly designed bowls of our Slow Feeding series slow down the intake of food and prevent the pet from gulping it down. The dog is busy for a longer time and chews the food better. Enjoy!

First Steps on 4 Paws!

An exciting time is ahead when a puppy or a kitten moves into your home. With our junior series we accompany you during these first months with suitable places for sleeping, bowls, treats and accessories. All products are tailored to the needs of young and sensitive pets. Welcome to your new life!