Christmas will be stylish with TRIXIE!

Our Christmas series Estelle features colours that reflect the Christmas atmosphere as well as shiny materials. The cuddly soft items in velvet look with plush elements come in the colours lilac and petrol. Matching items are our collars with bows and scarves. Have a JOYOUS FESTIVE SEASON!   

Stay visible!

Rainy weather, fog, poor visibility - the filthy weather of autumn and winter is coming again. Protect yourself and your pet with flashing, luminous or reflecting products so that you are both clearly visible.      

More naturalness in the rodent home!

If you do not have a garden, you can and should still allow your small animals space to run around. Our indoor runs and rodent homes are ideal for this. They can be extended as desired and equipped in an animal-friendly way.  Items such as our feeding station, the food rack or toys made of natural materials are great options for adequate activity for your pets. 

Your partner with the grey snout!

Living with an older pet is something special. However, it also means changes in the dog’s needs. We show you how to spend your pet’s senior years as healthy and carefree as possible.