Tasty Pit Stop!

Our feeding station is real fun for small animals! You only need to distribute vegetables, twigs, hay and feed creatively and they can start nibbling to their heart’s content. The removable toilet tub helps to get rid of the output quickly.


The BE NORDIC scratching furniture made of varnished plywood catches the eye with its cool look. Maritime protection projects are supported from the sales of the series.    

More naturalness in the bird home!

Natural toys made of seaweed, straw, bamboo, coconut, rattan and sisal rope are your birdie’s favourites. The combination of different materials provides lots of varied activity options for parakeets and parrots.   

Cuddly and colourful into the New Year!

Our cushions and beds Talis made of soft woven material provide your dog with the perfect place to lie in winter. In five cheerful colours, bright or muted!

Happy winter!

Paws good - all good!

Especially in winter, dog and cat paws need a lot of care and regular control. Often road salt dries out the skin of the pads and makes them crack. Licking can also lead to inflammation. You can find tips and the right products here.