Merry Christmas!

Now it's not only getting cosy in winter, it's also great fun to spoil our pets with Christmas surprises.

Have fun browsing through our X-Mas gallery!

Time for cosiness!

Who likes to be outside in the rain when you can cuddle cosily at home? Comfortable places to lie are a must-have now! Bed, cushion, donut, blanket, mattress or cave - there is something for everyone. Enjoy browsing!      
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Snack station!

Our little garden friends are happy all year round about a food donation in the home garden or on the balcony. We have the right products for this.

Indoor Fun for our four-legged friends

Winter is a great time for an afternoon of playing with your pet! Our strategy games for dogs, cats and small animals promote your pet’s mental fitness and strengthen the bond between you. In various levels for beginners and pros.      

Who bakes the best dog biscuits?

Become a master baker for your four-legged friend. It is miraculously easy to produce delicious and healthy snacks for your beloved pet with the TRIXIE baking mat made of silicone. Available for two snack shapes. Can be used as a licking mat as well. Please find the recipes directly with the item.