Sitting, standing, lifting, stress – we analyse our staff's work environment to keep the daily wear and tear as low as possible. In this connection we are concerned about demographic change, a changing world of work and the shifting lines between our work and private life. We spend the largest part of our time at work and during this time we want to feel well and stay healthy, as of course at other times as well.

For this reason, TRIXIE introduced a corporate health management system (BGM) in the autumn of 2014. This creates health promoting corporate structures and endeavours to promote staff health. Measures from such fields as diet, exercise, relaxation, guidance or work environment are brought together in a sustainable concept that focuses on the wellbeing of our staff.

For example  

  • we offer flexible and family-friendly working hours  
  • we coach our management how to "lead in a healthy way", as each superior has a great influence on staff health
  • we provide health-promoting offers, among others a group for running, reduced tickets for the outdoor swimming pool in Tarp, we co-operate with gyms and offer in-house massages
  • we offer support options for colleagues who need to deal with work-related changes as well as psycho-social counselling
  • colleagues who were unable to work for more than 30 days within 12 months can avail themselves of consultation services regarding corporate reintegration management
  • we keep a close eye on work safety

In addition to that, the BGM team regularly focuses on various health topics such as e.g. a healthy back and plans special measures for all staff. Evaluation plays an important role in health management as well. We need to be able to check the effectiveness of measures and improve them where necessary.