Dogs at work

Four paws that put you into a good mood

Dogs have a positive influence on humans – not only at home, but also at work. Looking at dogs or stroking them has a calming effect, lowers your blood pressure and activates the reward hormone Dopamine. According to studies, employees with an office dog show significantly less stress symptoms than employees without dogs.  
That means office dogs create a good mood and a relaxed working atmosphere – for your office colleagues as well. Therefore, dogs are always welcome at TRIXIE!

Animal product testers

Over 60 % of our product range consists of items for dogs. Therefore, it is useful for us to have real product testers right on our site. Beds, harnesses, toys – with the help of our four-legged friends we can quickly find out which products are suitable and go down well with dogs.

Using consideration & foresight

Not every colleague of yours is used to dogs or likes them. Some even experience allergic reactions. In deference to all our staff, we have established certain rules that are intended to make bringing dogs to work acceptable and pleasant for everyone.

As the majority of our staff works in the warehouse, a system of partnerships was created: Our warehouse staff can find colleagues in the office who will look after their dog during the daytime.

Animal models

Our office dogs can also be animal models. Provided that they are open to new situations, can act in a relaxed way in front of the camera and like working together with humans. Then you can see them on our packaging, on our website. on Facebook or Instagram.