TRIXIE as employer

A story about the future

In 1974 it started as a one-man business in Flensburg, today it has become a success story of more than 450 employees. They have all contributed significantly to the development of the company, and they are the future of our company. Our staff provides ideas and clout, we offer opportunities.

As a company with international focus, TRIXIE possesses cutting-edge technology, a state-of-the-art working environment and high-performance logistics. We are ready to continue investing in order to create future opportunities for our staff.

As a team we are hard to beat

Our success is based on top executives, flat hierarchies and low fluctuation of staff, but equally on our willingness to be open and fair with each other. "In our company everybody is on first names" and nobody is isolated. This is the only way to achieve joint success – and continuous improvement.

Every year, the previous year's achievements are discussed, evaluated and new goals are set in a personal development review with the head of department. This is connected to a bonus payment that is calculated with regard to the profit situation and shared among all employees.

What can you expect from us?

Know-how and dedication – these factors have enabled us to grow continuously, not only together as a company, but each of us on their own with their personal tasks and ideas.

Each employee takes full responsibility right from the start. Initial skill adaptation training and personal mentoring ensure that you are fit to act competently. We honour high achievement with remuneration above the general scale and suitable in-service training.

Job training is the future – for us as well

In recent years job training for young people has become more and more important for us. Only highly skilled employees allow us to stay competitive and future-oriented as a company.

TRIXIE offers optimal conditions as a high-quality training company. The dedication of our experienced trainers and skilled staff allows our trainees to develop to their full potential, on the job and as a person. By now we train in seven different jobs and have a high rate of trainees who receive a permanent job with us following their training.

We move – outside the company as well

We support our employees in various health campaigns in addition to voluntary involvement in our company sports groups for running and football. Team training and social projects, dragon boat races and "family & friends" events strengthen the community and promote good communication among colleagues.

Become part of us

You have a clearly defined profile along with passion and dedication? Those are great prerequisites to start with for working on the TRIXIE team. We need people who think collaboratively, solve problems in innovative ways and act with an eye to the future. People who help us move forward and who want to move forward themselves.