TRIXIE supports children in need

"To help children who are in need" – this is the aim of a committee founded by TRIXIE employees in 2008. By cooperating with the organization "Help for Children in Need" it was easy to decide which child in which country needed help.

Nopporn in Thailand, Gabriela in Brasil, Yonas, Kokob und Taye in Ethiopia, Basappa in India or Laboni in Bangladesh – altogether TRIXIE supports 14 children in need and donates for various projects every year.
The TRIXIE committee provides information about these children and their fate in the company, displays their letters, pictures and postcards on a special pinboard, chooses new projects and campaigns for this aid programme.

That way the company has contributed with numerous smaller amounts in order to open up future prospects for deprived children from all over the world.

The organization "Help for Children in Need" was founded by Christians in Duisburg in 1959 with the aim of helping deprived children in India. Over the years it has grown into one of the largest Christian Children's Funds in Europe. Today the organization "Help for Children in Need" reaches and supports about 655,793 girls and boys in 958 projects in 29 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.