Help for cleft children - a new chance in life!

In many countries around the world, cleft children live on the margins of society. Because of their disfigurement, they are stigmatized as disabled, ridiculed and ostracized. School attendance is possible only for the fewest. In addition, many of the children suffer from serious health problems.

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe works worldwide to ensure that children with cleft lip and palate ("cleft children") from developing countries have access to safe, qualified and comprehensive treatment.

Without treatment, cleft children suffer the consequences of their congenital deformity for the rest of their lives. Because of their appearance, they are ostracized and live with their families on the fringes of society. Due to the cleft in the lip and usually also the palate, cleft children cannot swallow, eat and drink properly and are susceptible to infections. Many die in their first year of life.

An operation for only 300 euros gives the children a perspective and can sometimes even save lives. Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe relies on local partners for its aid. Local doctors and therapists ensure that the children are cared for on site. An approach that proves particularly effective in times of pandemic.

Further information:

TRIXIE has been supporting Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe since 2017 and has so far enabled 66 cleft children to undergo life-changing surgery. With the annual donation 2022, we will take over 14 operations.