TRIXIE supports school dogs

The interest in school dogs or school assistance dogs is also great in Schleswig-Holstein. But there are only a few opportunities for qualified training.

For this purpose, TRIXIE has launched the "TRIXIE School Dog" project, which offers interested teachers from Schleswig-Holstein a platform for training and further education.

In 2014, we brought the internationally recognized expert Dr. Hildegard Jung to Schleswig-Holstein for the first time. She runs a veterinary practice for behavioral therapy in Munich and manages the project "Beißt der? The aim of the "Does he bite?" project is to train elementary school and preschool children, as well as their parents and teachers, theoretically and practically in how children can safely interact with both their own and other people's dogs.

The second seminar, held from April 22 to 25, 2016, also took place at elementary schools in Großenwiehe and Lindewitt (Flensburg district). "This is intended to offer North German teachers the opportunity to undergo targeted further training and to prove the suitability of their dog for use as a school dog," explains Corinna Ruddat from our school dog team. But also private people could be trained in such a seminar as school attendance dog team.

On four theory and practice days, handlers, dogs and children trained in various interactions, role plays and exercises, e.g. "How do I read my dog", or "React correctly", "Subordination with distraction" or "Spontaneous behavior".

Conclusion: The seminars are very instructive for dog handlers, dogs and children. Due to the high practical part, many experiences could be gained and behaviors could be practiced. Some of the school dog teams trained here are now active at elementary schools in the Flensburg area with the support of TRIXIE.

A big thank you to the children of the participating school classes and to the principal Imke Gese for providing the premises.

The TRIXIE school dog project also includes equipping the school dog teams with suitable products for lessons and dog life in the classroom. School classes or teachers from Schleswig-Holstein who can demonstrate appropriate qualifications can apply for this.

If you have any questions about our project or the seminar, please contact: