Product Series supports Animals in Need

The collection “From a Princess for furry Princes & Princesses“ was designed full of love for animals exclusively for TRIXIE by H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern in 2013. The elegant collection in delicate pink, noble silver grey and stylish gold and bronze shades comprises a multitude of places to lie and cuddle, toys and bowls for dogs and cats.
H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern has been active in international animal protection for many years, so it was clear from the start that the collection was intended to help animals in need. Therefore TRIXIE donated a part of the sales proceeds of each product (in Germany and Austria) to animal welfare.
The start of the project on 1 June 2013 was highly successful and after a short time the first donations could be paid out. By now we can look back on a donation total of €138,100 which we used to support 53 associations in Germany and abroad. The charity campaign ran for 5 years.

In the animal shelter Smeura in Romania the association Tierhilfe Hoffnung e.V. (Animal Help Hope) has been doing great work for years. Up to 50 animals are splayed, vaccinated and marked there daily. The €7,500 we paid out in October 2013 were used to build and expand fences, huts and security measures in the grounds.

The Omnihunde-Netzwerk (Omnidog-Network) is a charitable association for animal protection that cares for older dogs that can no longer find a home. Our €7,500 made necessary repairs and new roofing for the patio possible.

To control the number of street dogs in Sri Lanka and contain diseases, the Dog Care Clinic carries out regular castration programmes as well as mass vaccinations. In December 2013, €7,500 from our donation pot made five extensive castration operations possible.

In March 2014, €5,000 funded animal welfare education in Germany and abroad, actively carried out by the association Schüler für Tiere e.V. (Pupils for Animals) to make children and young people more aware of how to deal respectfully with pets and their surrounding world.

Berliner Stadtkatzen e.V. (Berlin City Cats) takes in emergency cats and cares for feral cats. €2,500 enabled them to carry out various smaller campaigns.

The support association APAL Kreta e.V. (APAL Crete) sponsors the Greek animal protection association Protection And Lifeline Finikas. We donated €5,000 for the medical care of chained dogs and for building dog kennels.

The Drogenberatung e.V. Bielefeld (Drug Counselling Office in Bielefeld, Germany) offers veterinary consultations for the pets of their clientele. We were able to donate €3,500 to keep the project running.

The cat aid of Amigo e.V. is an association that works preventively to protect stray cats in Lower Saxony, Germany. Our donation amount of €3,500 was used for the medical care, upkeep and accommodation of cats.

€7,500 went to the Italian animal welfare association Associazione Protezione del Cane Gaia O.N.L.U.S. in Manduria/Apulia, which cares for stray dogs on an area of 10,000 sqm and runs a small veterinary clinic.

Many donkeys and mules in Spain live a life full of pain and suffering in bad living conditions. With €5,000 from our project, El Refugio del Burrito was able to put up additional enclosures to care for abused animals in March 2015.

The animal station FOS Thassos e.V. in Greece houses about 220 stray or abandoned animals. We have been glad to support the basic aims of the association, namely to improve the life of the strays while at the same time protecting the environment, with €5,000.

Nothilfe für Polarhunde e.V. (Emergency Aid for Polar Dogs) supports Nordic dog breeds in particular. €5,000 from our donation pot allowed the association to build a dog kennel with an enclosure that could be disinfected for special medical treatments.

In areas of war, animals are often forgotten or abandoned and roam through the cities starving or are injured by grenades. PAWU e.V. supports animal shelters in Eastern Ukraine. Our donation of €5,000 served to buy urgently needed medication as well as wood and building materials in October 2015.

A cow cleaning machine was certainly the most extraordinary thing that was bought with our donations (€3,500). It was a wish coming from the founders of Hof Butenland, Germany, a retirement home for cows where exploited milk cows can live a worthy and free life in retirement.

The animal welfare organisation Romanian Animal Rescue has set a milestone in the history of the Romanian animal protection with its new Animal Protection Centre outside of Bucharest in March 2016. Our €5,000 donation from the sales of our collection made this project possible.

The animal protection association for the region Nordkreis Borken e.V. Germany, launched two projects in June 2016: founding a youth group for animal protection and building an operating theatre for cat castrations. We gave a donation of €5,000 to make both projects possible.

We met Svetlana through the animal aid Tierhilfe-Bluemoon. She dedicates her life to animals that need help under the incredibly hard conditions in Siberia. We regularly support Svetlana’s dedication and were happy to donate €7,500 for building a new cat house.

Up to 90 dogs find shelter and protection in the dog village Furever Land near Athens. Through the association Stray - einsame Vierbeiner e.V.  (Stray – Lonely Pets) we were able to contribute €5,000 for extension and repair works to the enclosures and maintenance work to the water treatment system in January 2017.

Live To Rescue is a unique project to save, treat and care for animals in the Himalaya region. Our donation amount of €5,000 helped to equip the hospital rooms with the necessary appliances as well as operating and treatment tables.

The animal sanctuary Tierchenpark e.V. takes in rabbits that have been kept badly and often had to lead undignified, tortuous lives. In August 2017, our €1,500 helped to ensure the primary care for these pets for a time.

A life-saving puppy house could be set up in the north of Croatia with our donation of €4,000. The dog help association Lesika Hundehilfe Varaždin e.V. looks after puppies there, for whom it is especially difficult to survive.

In December 2014 we also launched the campaign „4 x €500 Christmas Money“. Every year in the Advent time, numerous suggestions reach us from which we choose four projects. To this day, 38 associations could enjoy €500 each.