TRIXIE Employees support a Nature Kindergarten

Everything started with a cross-departmental team training which was open to everybody from trainee to CEO, from warehousing to administration. The idea of combining team training with a social project was approved of by all and immediately put into action.

The project ‘You are needed’ was organized by Claudia Bellack, Management PA, and Jan Petersen, Human Resources and Logistics. The ADS Nature Kindergarten in Oeversee was chosen for the project because their playground needed redoing.

On 17 and 18 September 2010, 42 volunteers from TRIXIE came together and sacrificed one weekend for this project. They had tools and weatherproof clothing, and they sawed, screwed, hammered, dug, carved and planed. With a lot of energy and high spirits the team created an installation for water games with an area for playing and splashing around with mud, a carved wooden animal, a wicker tepee and a rounded bench circling the lime tree in the playground. A kitchen team fed the volunteers.
A freelance sculptor supported the team, the company ‘Otis’ from Oeversee organized and supervised the craftsmanship with five employees. TRIXIE financed the materials as well as the machines and all costs to do with the project. 

The head of the kindergarten Monika Wenzel-Behrens was quite surprised by what our team produced in such a short time, and was full of enthusiasm. A group of 30 children aged between 3 and 5 came to TRIXIE’s headquarters in person to say thank you.
The inauguration of the new playground took place on 2 October on the occasion of the apple festival. 

For all TRIXIE colleagues it was clear after this weekend: this kind of team building was not only fun, but it brought joy to many children’s hearts, and it will further good cooperation and motivation in the future. Working with many different materials and tools was a useful experience for many.