TRIXIE Team cleans up Garden!

Every two years, TRIXIE employees meet on a voluntary basis in their free time for a good cause, to work on a social project together. Unfortunately, this was not possible during the last two years, but finally we could get going again on 23 and 24 September 2022.    

Villekula Land is a large garden for kids. The focus is on experiencing nature, healthy food and social interaction. As the lease for the old grounds will expire in 2023, Villekula needs to move.  

28 dedicated TRIXIE colleagues were ready to clear up and work in Villekula's new grounds. The soil was prepared for a bee-friendly garden, raised vegetable beds were built, as was a wooden wall for a future outdoor kitchen, an orchard was created, vast numbers of cobble stones were gathered, there was a fight against persistent bramble bushes and an overgrown pathway was cleared with shovels. On Friday, after the work was completed, our team let the day end with potato soup and campfire bread.          
The Villekula team was very grateful for the support. Carola Kaiser sums it up like this: "We were very happy to get this active and substantial support and we are grateful that so much was accomplished. The atmosphere was great and we had a lot of fun."         
In addition to this team event, TRIXIE will bear the costs for a new outdoor kitchen, where in future school classes and other groups can cook the vegetables they have harvested themselves.     

For the TRIXIE team as well, it was great to get active again together for a good cause and in doing that, work together with colleagues from completely different departments.

This is what we did: We …    

  • planted 17 fruit trees and provided them with guards against roe deer browsing            
  • prepared approx. 60 square meters for a bee garden      
  • built 5 raised vegetable beds  
  • gathered and stacked countless wheelbarrows of cobble stones    
  • cleared approx. 60 meters of overgrown pathway    
  • freed approx. 1.7 ha from ragwort    
  • built a wooden wall for the future outdoor kitchen    
  • dug up numerous bramble bushes