Chickens – an enrichment for every garden

Especially in our modern times, which are characterized by factory farming and food scandals, eggs from happy hens are in great demand. So what about keeping a small flock of chickens in your own garden?

Keeping chickens needs little effort and the costs it causes are comparatively low. As with every animal species, there are lots of different breeds: large and small ones, smooth and scrubby ones, lively ones and more quiet ones. For every need or demand there is a suitable chicken.

Many chicken breeds need little space and can therefore be kept on even a few square metres. What makes a chicken really happy is scratching the ground, thus being free to find additional food. A cock completes the flock, but he is not essential unless you plan to breed.

In our new natura chicken coop made of glazed pine you can keep two chickens or four bantam chickens. It has a lockable sliding door, a chicken ladder and a perch. In the nesting box there are two nests that you can separate with the help of a removable divider.

A pull-out plastic tub and a roof that folds open allow fast cleaning and removal of the eggs. The spacious outdoor run is enclosed with a close-meshed, galvanized metal grid.