Climbing landscapes for cats!

In the wild, cats love to climb trees and enjoy watching their surroundings from a raised position. With the TRIXIE climbing elements cats can go on extended climbing tours indoors as well and extend their living space to higher areas.   

Elements for Wall-Mounting extend a Cat's Living Space!

All elements for wall mounting can be combined as desired and integrated into the living quarters. They form an adventure course with places to rest at a lofty height and offer options for claw care and a good stretch as well. New climbing elements made of trendy, white-glazed pine wood with sisal carpet and soft upholstery fabric have been added to our existing wall elements made of plush and sisal. The different materials have been perfectly coordinated so that all the existing and new elements can be combined.

The climbing series comprises high-quality cat trees, climbing ladders, wall elements, steps, cuddly hammocks and platforms, sisal scratching surfaces in frames as well as three different wall sets. In particular wall set 2 is perfect for continuous extension. It allows numerous individual creations of interior design matching your preferences and the space available.
All climbing elements can also be used as additions to existing scratching furniture. The right mounting material for your wall is available in DIY stores.

In our product video you can watch the combination of our wall elements in action.