Outdoor Roaming for Cats in the City

Cats love to roam outdoors. However, it is not always possible to allow that without restrictions. If you want to create a safe place out in the open for your cat, protective nets are a good option to enclose and secure a space for your cat.

Typically protective nets are used on balconies. Not only those balconies on the lower floors should be secured, but especially those on higher levels. Quite often it is difficult for inexperienced cats to judge heights correctly. They might jump over the balustrade without realizing that there is no safe ground beyond. This might end in serious or even fatal injuries.

Protective nets are available in different versions. There are transparent nets made of resistant monofil yarn as well as black nets made of durable polyethylene, or green polyethylene nets with a woven-in metal thread that makes them especially bite-resistant. The colour of polyethylene nets is dark, as this makes them easier to see through than light nets.