The right mouth hygiene

A dog's bad breath can be quite off-putting. Of course, canines do not naturally smell of fresh mint, but intense bad breath can be avoided.

Often, bacteria in dental tartar and plaque that forms between the teeth are the cause of this. Brushing the dog's teeth helps, as it does with humans. There are special dental care sets available in our range. Brush your dog's teeth about twice a month.

Denta Fun chewing items are very effective as well. The chewing action cleans the tooth surface. The heightened production of saliva while chewing will dilute those substances in the saliva that cause plaque. Therefore these substances are less likely to become attached to the teeth.

Playing ropes effect a playful cleaning of the teeth. When your dog chews on the ropes, the fibres work themselves into the interdental spaces and clean these areas effectively. Denta Fun toys made of natural rubber with mint flavour massage the gums thoroughly and provide fresh breath.

However, regular dental checks with the vet should not be neglected.