Heat - a hot time!

Twice a year, unspayed female dogs come into heat. A "hot time" not only for female dogs and their owners, but also for male dogs that have not been neutered.

For most owners of female dogs, the need to keep them on a leash during this time is obvious, for otherwise they might be responsible for unplanned offspring.

Owners of male dogs sometimes only notice their dog's interest for the "hot trail" when it is too late and the dog cannot be called back. This leads to conflicts among dog owners again and again, for each owner blames the other one:  Owners of female dogs feel besieged by male dogs running free, and owners of male dogs are angry because their otherwise well-mannered dog does not obey their commands and runs away. The only help here is mutual consideration and understanding.

Useful Products

TRIXIE offers various products for the time in heat to make this difficult time a bit easier. To remove the for male dogs irresistible smell, the secretion in heat should be removed regularly. There are special care wipes. Many female dogs bleed little during their heat and lick up any blood immediately. To still avoid stains on the floor or on sofa and carpet, special dog diapers or protective pants are recommended.