Dog shampoo – what you need to know!

The general rule is: A dog should be bathed with shampoo as often as necessary, but as rarely as possible. 

When is it necessary, however? Naturally when the dog has rolled outdoors, e.g. in carrion, manure or other faeces and exudes a smell that we cannot bear.

Sometimes, however, dogs develop a body smell that makes a bath necessary. Where does such a smell come from? The main sources are microorganisms that break down skin lipids or dead hairs. With many dogs, you can remove dead hairs by regular combing and brushing and that way avoid unpleasant smells. For longhaired dog breeds that do not shed (such as Briard, Poodle or Maltese), however, this does not work. Therefore these breeds need regular baths. Here it is important to use a dog shampoo, as only such a shampoo sufficiently replenish lipids. Plant-based substances show very good results, e.g. macadamia oil used in our natural oil shampoo

Dogs that do not shed are often shorn. In that case, it is useful to shampoo the dog beforehand so that you can comb the fur evenly afterwards without unpleasant pulling or discomfort.

For puppies extra mild shampoo is recommended. 

Special dry foam shampoos exist for pets scared of water or for those that cannot be bathed due to an illness. The scented foam neutralizes unpleasant odours and is also handy when on tour or travelling.

There are also special medicinal shampoos. These are prescribed by a vet for each dog individually and should be used exactly as prescribed. Often these shampoos have to stay in about 10 minutes before they can be rinsed out.

A tip for shampooing:
Especially if you are dealing with a lot of fur, the shampoo is easier to spread if it has been diluted with water beforehand.