Effective Protection against Ticks, Fleas and the like

TRIXIE anti-parasite preparations have been designed specially to eliminate parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks to protect humans and pets and their surroundings from being annoyed by parasites. Our products use a 3-phase treatment plan for long-term protection against parasites for your pet.

Phase 1: Anti-Parasite Treatment on the Pet

In the case of parasites, the pet should be treated immediately to get rid of the annoying parasites as quickly as possible. That increases your pet's well-being and avoids further side effects.

Flea protection shampoo or tick and flea protection spray are applied directly to the fur and eliminate parasites immediately. It is important to check the pet's fur regularly to find parasites quickly and treat the pet at once. Flea and lice combs with their fine teeth show these unwanted parasites and their traces clearly.

You should check your dog for ticks after every walk or whenever the pet has been outside. When removing a tick, it is important that no part of the tick stays in the pet's skin, nor should the tick's body be squeezed to avoid transferring dangerous germs.

Phase 2: Anti-Parasite Treatment of the Surroundings

Treating only your pet is not effective if you do not eliminate the parasites where they breed. For pets that are kept on litter (e.g. straw or shavings) it is important to remove this and dispose of it in a way that your pet cannot come into contact with it again. Special parasite surround sprays protect against all types of flies, parasites and pests.

Phase 3: Preventive Measures

Special anti-parasite collars provide reliable long-term protection against fleas, ticks and other pests. They eliminate fleas and ticks on the pet and their long-term effectiveness makes them effective as prevention of any anewed infestation. The anti-parasite collars are loosely attached round the neck (for cats there should be no more than 2 finger's space between neck and collar) and they can be cut to the desired length. They are worn next to the normal collar. To provide effective protection, the pet has to wear the anti-parasite collar all the time.

Alternative: Products with natural Active Ingredients

As gentle alternatives to chemical-pharmaceutical products, preparations with natural ingredients are suitable. Nature offers us a whole number of plant extracts, e.g. tea tree oil, margosa oil and lavender. Their repelling effect on parasites and pests have long been known, and that is why they have traditionally been used against parasites.

Products with natural active ingredients are e.g.:
Shampoos with tea tree or margosa oil, Spot On tick spray und natural anti-parasites collars.