Effective protection against ticks, fleas and the like

The TRIXIE anti-parasite preparations are targeted especially at killing parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks in order to protect humans and pets and their environment from the nuisance of parasites.

Regular Checks

To be able to spot parasite infestation early on and treat it fast, it is important to regularly check the fur. Flea and lice combs bring to light unwanted guests and their traces thanks to their fine tines.

In particular, you should check your dog for ticks after each walk or run outside. When removing the tick, pay attention that no part of the tick remains in the skin and the tick's body is not squeezed. In these cases, a transfer of dangerous germs can occur.

Anti-parasite Treatment for the Surroundings

If the fleas reproduce when there is a flea infestation, the surroundings need to be treated as well, because that is where most of the flea eggs as well as the larvae and cocoons are. Special anti-parasite sprays for the surroundings kill the fleas.

Long-term anti-parasite sprays in addition prevent the development of the larvae and thus offer a protection lasting several weeks to months.

Preventive Measures with natural active Ingredients

Preparations with natural ingredients are a gentle alternative to chemical-pharmaceutical products. Nature has several plant extracts on offer for this, e.g. tea tree oil, neem tree oil (Margosa) and lavender. The repellent effect of these extracts against parasites and pests has been known for a long time. That is why they have traditionally been used against parasites.

Products with natural ingredients are e.g.: Shampoos with tea tree oil or neem tree oil, flea and tick protection Spot-On and natural anti-parasite collars.