Senior – Tips for activity in old age and what helps for arthrosis and weakness.

Living with an old pet is something special. Not only that the bond to your four-legged friend has become deeper and deeper over the years, our senior pets also develop a special charisma that is often defined by dignified composure and calmness.
A lot of things happen more slowly now and the need for periods of rest has increased. You need to pay special attention here as many changes go unnoticed at first. Regular check-ups at the vet are important as illnesses such as e.g. arthrosis or diabetes can be diagnosed there.

General Weakness

With many pets, their hearts get weaker when they get older, which reduces their fitness and makes them tire more quickly. Even if you move more slowly and need more periods of rest, activity and going for walks remain important for your senior pet. In addition to that, many older dogs love to sniff to their heart's delight. Maybe you can now go for shorter walks more often? This would be sure to meet your older pet's new needs!

Even if your senior pets need more peace and quiet now, they are still sure to want to take part in family life. When on tour, backpacks, bags, buggies or bicycle trailers are a good way for them to have a rest when their strength begins to fail.


Many of our old darlings suffer from inflamed joints due to the degenerative disease arthrosis. These inflamed joints cause pain and reduce mobility. Heat is the best remedy here. This is sensible in any case, for older pets have problems regulating their body temperature. Maybe you have already noticed that your pet gets cold more easily. Therefore, it is important to protect your pet from wind and weather when you go outside.

You can help your grey snout with comforting warmth inside as well. This might be provided by cuddly places to lie, soft pullovers and home wear or a heat cushion. Orthopaedic places to lie with viscoelastic foam mould themselves exactly to the pet's body shape. That way, the pressure on pressure-sensitive body parts is relieved. Your senior pets find their optimal sleeping position more quickly and find it easier to relax.

For eating, raised bowls or food bars can make eating more agreeable. Ramps or steps are a great help for getting into the car or to other places where jumping is no longer possible.

A non-slip carpet can help dogs that have difficulty getting up from slippery floors. Non-slip socks are also suitable. The additional grip makes getting up and walking around so much easier.

Staying active

Even once your old friend has become less active, getting some healthy activity remains more important than ever.
Activity games are great for this. Searching for hidden treats is fun, engages the mind in a playful way and improves dexterity.

Many dogs profit from physio-therapeutic measures. The goal here is to improve their life quality by reducing pain and maintaining agility.