The Animal Welfare Label     

The Animal Welfare Label is the only official label for products that comply with the Austrian Animal Welfare Act. It is awarded by the Specialist Unit for Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare (FTT), an independent body established by the Austrian legislature, and guarantees that animal welfare regulations are adhered to.      
The products need to meet the demands of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act and its regulations to qualify for certification. The assessment is based on the legal requirements, current findings from science and practice, comparison to similar products as well as the viewing and testing of the products.       

Each product that has been tested by the specialist unit and has received a positive assessment receives a specific inspection number along with the animal welfare label that makes it unmistakable. The inspection number is made up of the year, a number for the animal category and a consecutive number.      

4 good reasons for the Animal Welfare Label    

Legal Certainty   
Products marked with the animal welfare label are guaranteed to comply with Austrian animal welfare regulations.     
Animal Welfare
Products bearing this label guarantee protection and well-being for the animals.
Quality Standard   
The independent assessment by the specialist unit guarantees that the animal welfare regulations are adhered to.      
The Animal Welfare Label       
Products that bear the animal welfare label send out a visible signal for animal welfare.