Feeding Wild Birds All Year Round

Our intervention into nature, building in suburban areas and the intensification of agriculture reduce the living space for birds and the natural supply of insects for them.    

Particularly during the breeding season, bird parents have to cover long distances to satisfy their own and their young's demand for food. Often the young are undernourished or die of hunger. 

A feeding place, e.g. a bird feeder or feed dispenser, offers the birds the chance to get the food they need and gives them strength in their search for food.  

Feeding places should be filled in the evening, as many birds are active already before sunrise. This gives all bird species, including the early risers, the chance to use the feeding place.

It can happen that more birds than usual come into your garden thanks to the extra feed. That makes it important to offer feed to the birds regularly. If you are planning for example a holiday, the birds should be provided for during that time.    

Cleanliness is just as important as regularity. Feeding and watering places need to be cleaned regularly to prevent diseases from spreading.  

Even if there is enough food for the birds in the garden, they need sufficient living space as well. Only this can protect our large variety of bird species lastingly. Particularly in the vicinity of cities, nest boxes, water dispensers and bird baths can enrich the living space for birds.