Hedgehog in the home garden

The hedgehog no longer has it easy these days. Its natural habitat is increasingly giving way to human residential areas and agricultural land. Yet the hedgehog is not demanding. He only needs dense bushes, piles of leaves and stones or tree roots to feel at home. This habitat also provides a rich food supply. The hedgehog's menu includes beetles, earthworms, snails and similar small animals.

This makes the conscious design of one's own garden all the more important, because only a garden that is close to nature can offer hedgehogs sufficient hiding places, nesting opportunities and food.

Simple tricks can be used to make the garden hedgehog-friendly:

  • Create passages to other gardens
  • Do not use chemicals in the garden, because they kill insects and snails and hedgehogs do not find any food
  • Provide water
  • Mow only part of the garden
  • Plant lots of native shrubs and hedges
  • Provide shelters and leave existing ones untouched

Protected retreat

Our natura hedgehog hotel, made of glazed pine, creates a retreat and hibernation area for hedgehogs. A labyrinth entrance prevents the animals from being disturbed by intruders and allows them to hibernate quietly. The ideal location is a hidden spot in the garden under native hedges or shrubs. To make the hedgehogs feel especially comfortable and not freeze in winter, the house can be covered with leaves and branches.