Sustainable wooden houses in a push-together system

Whether rabbit, guinea pig or hamster - houses provide an important place of retreat for your rodent and are an essential part of the basic equipment. TRIXIE rodent houses are particularly sustainable due to the compact packaging and the use of FSC-certified wood. They are available in various designs and sizes.

Basic houses for guinea pigs and rabbits

The houses for guinea pigs and rabbits are available in three different designs, each in two sizes. Each of the three houses have 2 entrances and exits, which support appropriate pet keeping, as the pets can easily retreat to these places if they feel unsafe, unwell or if they simply want time to themselves. Additionally, the entrance sizes are designed according to the FTT guidelines, so that the animals can comfortably slip through, one after the other, and if necessary, also side by side.

The flat roof can be used as an additional lying area and is also easily accessible for guinea pigs through ramps in the Thore and Bent houses. Rabbits also like to use roofs like this as a viewing platform and can often reach it without a ramp, e.g. with the Holm ouse.

Multiple chambers for mouse, hamster & degu

The multi-chamber houses are available with 2 chambers3 chambers and 4 chambers and are specially designed for hamsters and mice. These animals divide their pen into different areas, e.g. a sleeping and feeding area. Especially night-active hamsters prefer a darkened sleeping area for comfortable sleeping conditions. Other chambers can be set up individually for the animal. Degus also feel very comfortable in these houses. The removable roof allows the chambers to be easily accessed, checked and cleaned.

Easy to assemble without glue or nails

The push-together system makes it easy to assemble the rodent apartments and they hold together without any nails or adhesives. This protects your rodent from unwanted injuries caused by sharp edges.