What is a sighthound collar?

Traditionally, collars that are cut significantly wider on one side than normal collars are called sighthound collars. The leash is attached to the narrower side opposite the wide side, so if the dog pulls on the leash, the sensitive larynx is protected optimally.  
Often these collars come with a stop-the-pull feature to prevent the extremely narrow head of sighthounds slipping through the collar.
Our sighthound collars come with soft padding and the leather edges are rounded. Embroidery and leather tassels emphasize the elegance of hound and collar.

Who are sighthound collars suitable for?

Well, for a sighthound and greyhound breeds, of course. However, other dog breeds with rather long, slim necks profit from their special shape, too. For dogs with a lot of fur, a broad head or neck folds, these collars are not suitable. In that case, use other collar models. Ideally, you should seek advice in a well-equipped specialist shop and try various collars on your dog to find the product that suits your dog best.