Protective Sock for Dog Paws

Item no.: 19431 - 19434

Product information

  • keeps wounds and bandages dry and clean
  • flexible material allows full range of movement
  • fits front legs and hind legs
  • easy to fit by cutting and separate hook and loop straps
  • colour: grey


Safe paw protection for your dog

Going for a walk despite a wounded paw? With the protective sock for dogs you are on the safe side. Made of waterproof silicone, the sock keeps wounds and bandages clean and dry, aiding healing and reducing the risk of infection. The flexible material also maintains freedom of movement and can be adjusted to the dog's particular leg length by cutting it to size. The dog paw protective sock is suitable for both front and back legs and can be securely fastened in all areas using the separate hook and loop straps. Item 19431 (size S) is also suitable for cats.